Leader in financing women's entrepreneurship in Cameroon!

As a leader in microfinance in Cameroon, we are proud to offer a full range of financial services adapted to the needs of Cameroonian women.


We understand that women are a fundamental pillar of the local economy and therefore we have designed offers that take into account their unique preferences and choices. Whether you are looking to grow a small business, save for your future goals, or invest in your children’s education, we are here to help you achieve your financial goals. With our expertise and commitment to the community, we are confident that we are well placed to offer you the best financial services in Cameroon.


Join us now and find out how we can help you achieve your long-term financial goals!


CEC-PROM MATURE was created in May 1997 as part of a bilateral cooperation program between the governments of Cameroon and Canada. This was through funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and technical support from the Canadian Organization for Solidarity and Development (OSCD).

Approved microfinance

CEC-PROM MATURE is constituted in the form of a cooperative company with a Board of Directors, through decree n°00785/MINFI of December 26, 2002 as a first category Microfinance Establishment (EMF I). It has been affiliated with the CamCCUL network since its creation.


The capital of CEC-PROM MATURE is variable and is currently above 180,000,000 (one hundred and eighty million) CFA F.

Points of sale

CEC-PROM MATURE is represented in the sole city of Yaoundé, Center Region. It has an Executive Branch, serving as a central agency, located on the Valery Giscard d'Estaing Street, opposite the Adventist dental clinic (CALAFATAS) and two counters, one in the FOUDA neighborhood (next to the NEF) and the other at DAMASE (at the crossroads next to the gas station).

Our Mission

Contribute to improving the living conditions of women and their families by offering them financial and non-financial services adapted to their needs.

Our Values

To succeed in both its social and commercial mission, CEC-PROM MATURE has chosen to highlight the following values:

Our Vision

Remain a sustainable microfinance institution offering financial and non-financial products and services adapted to the needs of Cameroonian women!

Our Slogan

“Save regularly, Borrow wisely, Repay promptly.”

Our Anthem

1- Let’s be responsible women

Let’s save money regularly

Let’s think about better tomorrows

Of family and the nation



CEC-PROM MATURE For the peasant woman

CEC-PROM MATURE For the woman Bayam Sellam

We all have the right

To save and borrow wisely


CEC-PROM MATURE For the woman trader

CEC-PROM For the industrial woman

We have a duty to invest and repay promptly


2- We are faithful women

We reimburse as soon as possible

Confident and faith in this matter

For this millennium, may the Lord grant it to us




3- So let’s be honest

This is the path to all progress



Honesty is our motto

Why choose us?

Access to financing

Women can get low-interest loans to start or expand their business, which will allow them to generate income and become financially independent!


CEC-PROM MATURE members have access to training on business management and financial planning, which helps women better manage their businesses!

Exchange of experience and knowledge

By joining CEC-PROM MATURE, women are able to interact with other women entrepreneurs, which can help them exchange experiences and knowledge on business management!

Access to Financial Services

Women can also have access to financial services such as savings services, money transfers, opening salary accounts and much more!

Our Team

Dr Ngangue Nseke Rose, PCA CEC-PROM Mature


Chairman Board Dirs.

Roline SOP, DG

Roline SOP





Our Partners

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